Family Time!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

This weekend the family hit Disneyland as a pack for the first time in years!  This time my sister brought along a friend, so we packed for the weekend and hit the road.  I've been Disneyland quite a few times in last 3 years- between having friends who've had passes and my Senior Grad Nite being held there, I feel like I've almost had my fill!  But who can resist the happiest place on Earth?!

Me, Kjia (my sister), and her friend reppin' sunglasses on Main Street & of course my mom is mad photo bombing. 

As excited as I was for this mini family vacation, all visits in recent years, made me skeptical of spending an entire two days in the palace of joy and kid-ish wonder.  Something about the constant music and smiling employees just really starts to mess with my mind.  But it all turned out well and I was able to spend the majority of the two days in bliss with my family with minor altercations between me and Kjia- always a win!

Just a selfie takin' fool.  Don't think those faces could be more attractive if I tried.

Of course me being my normal forgetful self, half way through the first day I remembered, that I needed to finish the last part of a homework assignment for a summer class.  Random, yes I know, but none the less it needed to be taken care of.  So around 11:30am I made the hour and half drive back JUST to finish the last part of a homework assignment.  But don't worry, in case you are concerned, my grade should be fine. 

I finally made it back to my family around 5:45pm and we were able to finish the rest of our day in normal Disney spirit.  The second day went by without a hitch, we decided to spend most of it at California Adventure.  We tried to do everything we could, but the day definitely started to get the best of me around hour 10 and Kjia alerted the rest of the family she want to be at the park until MIDNIGHT!!!   So around 9:30pm I called it a day and decided to go take a nap.

By far my favorite rides of the day were California Screamin' and Grizzly River Run.  Choice made by the fact that I've always been a huge roller coaster fan and the fact it felt like 100 degrees outside!! MY GOD! I've never been so happy to walk around all day with wet shorts.

1. Daddy and I preparing to be total badass on California Screamin'  
2. Daddy and Kjia hamming it up in line 
3. Mom's only roller coaster ride of the day.  What a trooper.

For shits and giggles I thought I'd include some of the on-ride snapshots from the weekend.  Sorry ahead of time for the crappy quality.  Enjoy! 

The new Cars ride in Cars Land is actually pretty good! And then there's my mom's picture.

California Screamin' is always my favorite.  I think my mom's face explains why she only went once.


And finally Hollywood Tower of Terror!  Always a joy!  I look a damn fool in the first photo haha!

And that was my weekend in a nutshell! It was a lot of fun. 
Til next time 

xo Ensley 

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