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Hello There!  I'm Ensley :) A California native, design student, and owner of an itty bitty greeting card line I started in June of 2014 called Fanciful Faron, featuring cards all designed by me!  I like to think I'm a creative, adventurous, and a little offbeat individual.  While I don't always get the chance, I like to try enjoy life's little treasures whether it's people watching, trying new things, or getting lost in my own city.  Three things I love are food, design, and adventure... and probably food again.

If you know me, you know the one thing I hold closest and dearest to my heart are my friends and family.  I'm a firm believer that family is not defined by blood line, but by those who support you, love you, and try their best to care for you.

If you wanna know more about me, here are some random fun facts..

My favorite color 
Lately it's been green

My Favorite music
Anything that makes me wanna dance... or cry

Favorite type of art 
Graphic art

If I could have one talent what would it be? 
To gifted with a killer set of wind pipes and be the great singer EVER

One thing of my bucket list 
To travel the world (i mea n EVERY country)

What would I do with $10,000 
MY DREAM CLOSET... or you know... charity I guess

What's my life dream
I'll let you know when I figure it out

Do I have any pets 
Just one spoiled, princess, bichon named Snowy

xo Ensley

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