Anniversary Goal

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So I've been thinking a lot about what my next goal should be for Fanciful Faron. My first goal was pretty small, and it was to make 10-15 sales by Christmas- I've met that goal, then some.  Thank you to everyone has purchased one of my cards and kept my dream a live.  Now its time to come up with new goal, cause without one, what am I really working towards?   But I don't think I want to make this next goal something that can be simply checked off the list, I want it to really symbolize the growth and expansion of dream.  For some reason, in my head, it donned on me, my goal should mark my shop's first one year anniversary.  Don't know why I choose one year, but it just feels right to me.  I'm both happy and terrified to announce that in one year I will aim to do my first Craft Fair!

I'm super nervous already but it seems so fitting!  A couple weeks ago I came across a particular show I'm interested in participating in next year called the Renegade Craft Fair.  It seems like a lot of people and good vibes I would love to be around.  Whether or not I'm able to get into this particular craft fair or craft fair at all next year, the purpose of this goal is to get my business in a place where I am proud to display it in front of thousands of people.  This means I continue to work on my brand, connecting through social media, and of course- most important- creating cards and product that I am genuinely proud of.

The timing of this goal is perfect, it'll be around the one year anniversary of my shop, but since it's in the mid-late summer, it gives me plenty of time to really work and focus on getting when I get home from school.  In between now and a year from now I have so much I feel needs to get done, which means plenty of mini goals.  Just to name a couple:

1. Grow social media following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

2. Design business cards

3. Keep blog alive and well

4. Start getting people signed up for newsletter

5. Continue to grow in sales... DUH

6. Work on continuing to develop a killer brand

7. Continue to design and love what I'm doing

This is just a couple things that I see myself needing to work on and develop.  For me a year seems like such a long way away.  But I know that year will be on me before I know it and when it is, I'll be ready when it is.  I hope a lot of you who reading this and buying my cards will be along with me in the journey.  As much as I try, I know I can't do everything myself :)


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