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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

As many of you know, I'm always talking about messing with my shop and trying to bring it to its full potential, whether its trying multiple idea for a single card concept, or reworking my storefront to make sure it's buyer friendly.  So in the latest news of my shop's face lift, I'm happy to say that I finally have a quality camera that I will be putting to great use.  I'll be retaking photos in an effort to really enhance them and help my cards look their best.  The camera got is a Cannon Rebel T3 (to be specific), and I love it so far!  If your following my Instagram and Facebook page, you'd also know that I recently bought some colorful and corky stage props to use in these new product photos.  The new camera + staging props should really give my shop a more of whimsical vibe I've really been aiming for.  It'll take some time, probably a 2 weeks, to reshoot all the products in the store, but I think it's well worth it.   

I'm kinda anxious to just get them all up at once, but with everything else I have planned this week and my own gold-fish-like attention span, there's no way I could get everything done in, say, two days.  But, I give you my word that everything will be Cinderella-transformed by July 22nd- girl scouts honor.  

Plus with the new face lift of the store will come the release of the first round of holiday cards! YAY! You're gonna wanna stick around :) 

I'm realizing that getting things just right takes time, and the slower I take things the, better my overall outcome will be.  I care about this itty bitty shop too much to try to rush things and not be 100% happy with what I'm putting out in the world.  

Here's to giving 200%, 100% of the time. 

xo Ensley

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